Solar Panel House for a School Project

How to Build a Solar Panel House for a School Project?

Solar Panel - School ProjectSolar panel house is an ideal school science project that demonstrates the ability of solar panels to draw solar energy from the sun for our heating requirements. You need not use expensive components as the one used in a real solar panel house. You can improvise simple tools provided the principle remains the same. The project can be used for science fair in school and as learning tool to encourage use of solar energy.



Collect the following items as you prepare to set up the solar panel house –

  • Poster boards
  • Masking tape
  • Plastic wraps
  • Box
  • Insulation material
  • Metal pans
  • Black paint
  • Painting brush
  • A knife

Following are the instructions for constructing this gadget –

  • Construct a model house using a box. Use its lid as the ceiling and construct a roof like structure with use of Manila paper. Make a slanting kind of a roof.
  • Cut out a door on the side of the model house. Leave one side attached so that it can close and open just like normal door.
  • Cut out windows on the other side. One side should have a large window with two more small ones on either side. The window should be completely cut out and the window space sealed of by use of the plastic seal. The window can either be square or rectangular shaped.
  • Use a masking tape to hold the plastic seal in place.
  • Take some insulation materials and line the inside of the house with it leaving only the doors and the windows. This should also be done on the ceiling.
  • Create solar panels by use of the metal pans. Paint them black and fill them with water to resemble solar panels.

This demonstrates how the solar panels absorb heat from the sun and heat water which in turn passes the heat into the interior of the house. The house is well insulated to preserve heat and remains warm long after the sun has gone down. The windows are sealed to prevent loss of heat.

This is the same principle used in professionally built houses which use solar energy for heating. It is a very cost effective way of meeting one heating requirements. Such a demonstration can go along way into instilling the importance of solar energy in the minds of young people.

With increasing degradation and pollution of the environment and the fast depleting fuel deposit use of solar energy needs a lot of emphasis especially to the younger generation. This is because by the time they are adults the energy crisis will be more acute if the use of conventional source of energy continues to be the main source of power.