Solar Energy Homes Increase

As the technology improves, the demand for solar energy homes increases. The advantages of solar power are three-fold: price savings, environmental gains and non-reliance on outside agencies. Once the solar power equipment is installed, production of electricity is virtually free. It is also 100% green, and there’s the advantage of not having to rely on a power company, who can increase prices and determine supply as they feel fit. In over 80% of cases of power failure the cause is broken lines, something you are unlikely to experience with solar panels on your own roof.

Man has been always been incredibly creative in finding ways to harness the sun’s energy. This ingenuity began hundreds of years ago by reflecting its rays to make fire and continues today with solar energy homes technology. Most governments of the world count converting more solar power into electricity as a high priority in the journey to replace diminishing fossil fuel supplies.

In the USA, SEIA (the Solar Energy Industries Association), has reported that during the 3rd quarter of 2011, more solar was installed than during the whole of 2009. The cost of renewable energy sources, including wind power and solar energy, has dropped sharply and for the first time ever, we are now in a position where clean, greener energy can be generated at costs comparative to those for fossil fuels. The US Department of Energy says it is committed to increasing the number of solar energy homes.

In 2012, a federal government stimulus package that extended tax credits and created investment opportunities is due to end. A general anti-subsidy feeling in Washington makes renewal seem very unlikely. This is despite the industry saying that a one year extension would, in a single year, create almost 40,000 new jobs in the solar energy homes industry alone.

China Set To Dominate The Solar Energy Homes Market

As western governments cut investment in green energy as part of cost-cutting drives, countries in other parts of the world take the advantage. China is fast emerging as the dominant player in the solar power market. They are already responsible for over half the world’s production of green energy goods and their share is rising. China’s big three solar energy companies – Trina Solar, Suntech Power and Energy, and Yingli Green Power – are reporting dramatic increases in sales and it is predicted that Chinese companies will have a 75% share of the world market within five years.

Although your government may be missing its chance to compete in the rapidly expanding green energy market, that’s no reason you shouldn’t make your move. There is no doubt that solar power is here to stay and there’s never been a better time than right now to sign up for your own solar energy home.