Solar Energy Homes Are Greener, Healthier Homes

You should consider installing solar energy in your house. Solar energy homes are the way of the future and the technology is now good enough to make solar power viable, even in places where the sun doesn’t shine all the time.

solar for houses

One of the big myths associated with solar power is that solar panels only work when the sun shines brightly. This is simply not true. Even at night, solar panels can trap power through the radiation that emanates from the stars and moon. A cloudy day may not produce the same amount of power as when the sun is shining brightly, but every little helps. If your system is efficient enough, solar energy homes can still function fully when the sun is sitting behind a cloud.

So what are the factors you should consider when deciding whether or not to turn your energy-guzzling property into one of those sleek modern, green solar energy homes? You will hear lots of negative publicity about solar power. Just as the automotive and oil industries were opposed to electric cars, so interested parties have a stake in killing off solar power. Which is silly. The benefits of solar energy homes are clear to see.

Solar Power Helps Protects The Environment

If you think of yourself as “green” in any way, you will realize that using even a tiny amount of electricity makes global warming worse. The sun will be shining for a long time, producing light, heat and radiation, whether we use it or not.

The earth’s supplies of coal, oil and gas, on the other hand, are fast running out. Aside from that, burning them produces harmful gases that are causing pollution and damaging the environment. Many people believe that this is reason enough for turning to solar energy to heat and power their homes.

Solar Power Helps You Save On Your Gas And Electric Bill

Aside from the obvious environmental gains to you and to the world in general, there’s a solid economic benefit to taking advantage of a free energy source like solar energy. Although the figures vary according to where you are in the world, on how much sunshine you can expect to receive, and how expensive your gas and electric companies are, you will see significant reductions on your utility bills. Many people are able to sell their excess energy to the utility company for cold, hard cash.

Once you have paid for the installation, all the rest of the money you’ll be getting will be pure profit. In my opinion it pays to get as efficient a system you can afford. Installing solar energy “on the cheap” can often be a false economy as the higher end, higher priced systems are far more efficient at converting sunlight into energy than the cheaper versions. There may be grants you could able to call on to help with the cost of your solar installation. Ask your local solar energy supplier for details.

The Status Of Solar Energy Homes

Solar power is the energy source of the future and a lot of people are starting to wake up to this fact. By being the first in your neighborhood, you will gain automatic status. But hold on… to save even more money on getting solar panels installed, why not get together with friends and neighbors in order to buy “wholesale”. Many installers will credit you for anything from 10%-40% if there are several homes wanting solar power within the same area.

Solar energy is the way forward and I predict that in ten years most new houses will be built as solar energy homes. Converting your house to run on sunshine is fast becoming a status symbol. I urge you to speak to your neighbors and contact a solar energy expert. Turn your houses into solar energy homes and save money on your power bills.