Ramsond 100W Photovoltaic PV Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Ramsond is a Solar Panel Manufacturer and was established in 1996. With focus on quality and service, Ramsond produces many other products such as air conditioning systems, air tools, water filtration systems, inverter and more.

Ramsond 100W Photovoltaic PV Monocrystalline

The proprietary solar cell production technology and protocol is among the most complex and advanced in the world. All Ramond solar sells are specially coated with blue nitride anti-reflection coatings to protect against degradation by UV rays. The proprietary material makes the solar panel more resilient to withstand harsh environment.

When making a decision on buying solar panel, there are five main things you need to look at to know if the solar panel is doing great. These five things are efficiency, durability, features, value for money and support. This review is written also based on these five criteria.

Ramsond Solar Panel Review – Features and Durability

This Ramond solar panel comes with 100 Watt monocrystalline solar panel (dimention: 47 x 1.5 z 21.8 inches), heavy duty aluminum frame and MC connectors and cables.

The solar cell efficiency rating reaches 17%, which is considered as high efficiency. High efficiency gives you more savings on your electricity bill as it generate more power with fewer panels.

This Ramond solar panel is ideal for powering home electrical appliances like TV, personal computers, back up, camper or other outdoor uses.

The manufacturer offers 25 years of warranty which is a good thing. The solar panel is made of monocrystalline which has a potential to last for 50 years. The durability of monocrystalline solar panel is definitely your one of your prime considerations because you are making a long term investment in solar panels.

In terms of features, this Ramond solar panel is equipped with low iron, patterned and tempered glass and heavy-duty aluminum frame.

Ramsond Solar Panel Review – Advantages

The best thing about this Ramond solar panel is that it provides great value for 100 watt performance. It provides very good value for money. That’s why many people keep buying more panels to power more equipments and appliances.

The other thing I liked was that the customer service support was very good and the personal attention to new customers has far exceeded expectations.

Ramsond Solar Panel Review – Disadvantages

Don’t expect it is a solar kit or any solar complete system. It is a standalone solar panel with simple cable. So more parts should be added to complete your solar system.

Ramsond Solar Panel Review – Summary

Ramsond is a company which is proud of its innovation and quality. The detailed data sheet and product information comes with the product and also listed in the website, though it may not be necessary for some customers, as well as the good support reflects its dedication to both technology advancement and non compromised commitment to customer service.

Choosing good manufacturer which not only will last for long in the industry but also has high standing in its service level and technology is also important when you buy solar panels. Ramsond can be the best candidate on your list.