How To Make A Solar Oven?

A solar oven or cooker is an appliance that uses solar energy to cook. They are classified according to shape and materials used to make them. There are parabola shaped, box shaped and collapsible panel cookers. The basic component of all the solar cookers is the reflective material.

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Amongst all the designs it is the box cooker which is ideal to cook anything that a conventional cooker can cook. Start by gathering the following materials.

  • Aluminum foils.
  • Two boxers one bigger than other. The small one should be able to fit into the bigger one and leave several inches of space in between them.
  • Waste papers preferably old newspapers.
  • A piece of cardboard enough to cover the larger box and leave an allowance of some few inches.
  • A meter or so of black cloth or construction paper.
  • Masking tape or glue.
  • A knife.

Process of making the solar oven is a simple DIY method. Follow the instruction below to put it together:

  1. Take the bigger box and put some crumbled old newspaper to cover its bottom.
  2. Put the smaller box inside the bigger one. Fill the space left on both sides between the two boxes with waste papers.
  3. Line up the inside of the smaller box with aluminum foils. Use the tape or glue to hold it along the inside walls of the box. You can fold the aluminum foil edges over the bigger box to hold it in place. Line up the bottom of the smaller box with the black polythene paper. This act as a heat absorbent to retain heat in the oven.
  4. Take the card board piece and shape it in a way that it can cover the larger box and leave some inches allowance. Wrap the card board with the aluminum foil using the glue or the tape.
  5. Attach the aluminum covered card board on the back of the outside of the bigger box. It should be in such away that it acts as open lid over the oven.
  6. Put the meal you intend to cook in a cooking vessel and place it inside the oven. Take the plastic wrapper and cover the top of the oven.
  7. Place your oven outside and orient it in such away that the aluminum covered cardboard is receiving enough sunlight. It will in turn reflect and concentrate it in the oven. Watch your food cook on the top opening covered by the wrapper.

It may take some extra minutes to prepare the meal compared to the conventional cooker, but the end result will be the same. The key factor is enough sunlight.

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