How To Fix Solar Panels?

When looking at solar panels you might think that they are just a huge sheet of glass. On the contrary there is so much more to the panels besides just glass that it reminds of the age-old cliché of not judging a book solely by its cover.

fix solar panelsAlthough they resemble glass through looks, under the glass there is a grid or layers that can be found. They are both made out of either crystalline or amorphous silicone. Once the layers are built with the silicone or the grids are filled and fused with the silicone then the glass is placed on top. It is the glass on top that can become damaged over the years due to the different storms that might blow into an area. It is always cheaper to repair the panels then purchase new ones. The panel is worth repairing if there is still electricity being emitted by it. The five factors to look at when fixing solar panels are:

  1. Check
  2. Look
  3. Remove
  4. Lock
  5. Cleaner

If you have damaged solar panels and they can be fixed it will benefit you in the long run. Panels are always cheaper to fix then it is to replace them.

By carefully following the instructions you can fix the panels:

  • Check each panel and note where the problems are. This will help you see how much in terms of the amount of materials will be needed so you can begin your work.
  • Look at the glass panels for cracks including on the edges. If the cracks are not too big then there is glass tape that could be used. The tape is placed on the crack and firmly pressed in place. Since you are working with glass always remember to put on a pair of gloves so you do not cut your hands when removing and repairing the glass.
  • Remove all pieces of glass that have broken off. Once the area is clean you will need some glass cement. This can be purchased either from a regular brick-and-mortar store or online from a relevant and reliable website. You will make a thin bead of glass cement around the mount on the inner side. Now place the panel in place and push firmly.
  • Locks should be in place on your panels. If you are not sure how to lock your panels then here are some suggestions can be sought from experts or by surfing the Internet.
  • Cleaning the panels with a microfiber cloth and cleaner for solar panels will help remove any film you might have left behind. This will ensure the panel is getting the maximum amount of light that is permitted to transmit to the panel.