How To Care For Solar Panels?

Solar Panels are an effective way of converting solar energy to electricity. They can power almost everything from pocket calculator to a big business or home. They can not only save money but can also reduce pollution. Solar panels comprise of photovoltaic cells which are either wired together in parallel or in serial form, topped with a protective glass, and backed with aluminum or some other base. These cells are generally made of silicon. The electrons present in the cells get activated when sunlight falls on it and they travel to a box on solar panel where they convert into electricity.

You have to take care of solar panels if you want it to work efficiently. Regular maintenance is required to ensure it lasts longer. But, you just have to devote a few hours time in a year to the solar panel to ensure it runs expeditiously. Following the below said instructions will help you in doing so effectively:-

  1. Regularly check the panels to ensure that the panel is not damaged. You should make sure that the frame or the glass is not damaged. Also check for dirt on the glass. Pollen and bird droppings also affect the panel. If you notice any such thing on the panel rinse at the earliest. Using a product like Windex can help remove difficult stains. Brushing dirt or droppings loosens grime before you clean the panel. So, brush droppings or dirt before cleaning.
  2. Wipe the surface area of frame and glass with a damp washrag. If you notice extreme dirt on the panel use a mild soap for washing the dirt.
  3. Take a soft cloth and dry the solar panels. When dirt builds up on the panels, it prevents sunlight from hitting the grid. Even if sun ray’s strike the grid, the amount of rays getting through it decreases thus decreasing energy production.
  4. Always check for cracks built up in the glass. Panels often malfunction due to water damage. If you see some cracks, fill it with a silicon seal. See that the silicon used for sealing should be of high-temperature.
  5. Always check the wires or cables attached to solar panels .If you find any sign of decay or damage, replace it immediately. See that these connections are clean and dry.
  6. Wires or cables at times become loose because of tumultuous weather conditions. So, regularly keep checking the connections.