How Does Solar Energy Work?

solar panels

Solar energy can power all kinds of things, and it works very well. The rays of the sun are captured by photovoltaic cells. They collect the sunlight and turn it into energy. That energy is transferred into a home or other structure – like a business – and is used by the people who live and/or work there. It seems simple, but theres more to it that that, of course. The energy has to be collected and stored the right way, and it has to be transferred properly or it wont be used and wont save anyone any money on his or her electric bill. If youre thinking about solar energy it could really benefit you, but only if you understand what youre getting into and what it can and cannot do. If youre expecting it to stop you from ever having an electric bill and pay for itself in a year, youre not being realistic when it comes to solar energy.

Instead of expecting that, do your research into the different brands of solar panels, what they cost, and what kind of efficiency rating they have. Most of them are around 15%, with some as high as 17%. Dont expect to get any that are higher than that, since there is currently no technology that can provide higher levels of efficiency. In the future that may change, but for now its not available. The solar energy that you collect will be transferred into your home and used in the same way that you would use electricity. That will cut down on your power bill, but few people are able to go off grid and only use solar power.