Go Power Solar Elite Kit 310W

Go Power Solar Panel

Our natural resources in Earth are getting depleted so fast, for example, sources of fossil fuels are running low and burning them brings out hazards to our environment. By using alternative energy, we and our future generations will be able to live more peacefully with our Earth. Solar power is one of the best options because most of our energy comes from the sun and there is a lot of energy to power the world 1000 times over. The price of using solar panels is lower and lower. So let’s get started to review one of the most popular high quality solar panel system in the market.

The Go Power Solar Elite Kit 310W is another Do It Yourself system, which is especially designed for charging home appliances without any utility power available. So it is a robust standalone system, which is also perfect for backup use.

To assist you evaluate if this solar system is what you want, we are using five criteria for making a decision in purchasing solar panels, that is efficiency, durability, features, value for money and support.

If this sounds good for you, please read on to see how Go Power Solar Elite Kit 310W fits well on these 5 criteria.

Go Power Solar Panel Review – Features and Durability

The Go Power Solar Elite Kit 310W is a large solar and inverter system. It comes with a powerful 250 watt solar charging kit, a pure sine wave 2000 watt inverter, automatic stand-by battery charging and hands-free shore power/inverter switching. The solar panels are made of monocrystalline.

As compared with some other solar panel kits which require you to buy more other parts and components, it is a more complete kit which includes all you need to connect solar and inverter system. The features of this solar system are highly comprehensive. You will spend much less time to study what you need more and go out to buy those extra parts.

The Go Power Solar Elite Kit 310W is an off-grid system which creates a self contained home like RVs and cottages, whereas on-grid system can connect the solar panel system to the electric grid.

This Go Power Solar Elite Kit 310W is ideal for full time RVers, boat lovers or people who take outdoor trips. As you could have experienced there are many instances when it seems to be impossible to find any AC power outlet in your camping spots to power your RV. This solar system completely gets you out of this hassle and gives you total camping freedom without a generator.

You can even extend the weekend trip longer as this system is expandable. Just grab another expansion lit for 375 watts of power.

The inverter in the system can convert DC power from the car battery to AC similar to the home electricity. The power it generates is similar to the standard home power supply and does not fluctuate frequently, so it won’t cause any damages to the home appliances.

Of course, you can run TV, blender, audio sound equipment, computer and more or any home appliances with this solar system for your homes.

Go Power Solar Panel Review – Advantages

The efficiency rating of this Go Power Solar Elite Kit 310W is as high as 17.8%. This rating is the highest I have ever seen, which is higher than many other solar panel brands like Sanyo, Kyocera, SunPower, Canadian Power, Suntech Power, Samsung, Grape Solar, Canadian Solar or Sharp.

Why higher solar panel efficiency is important? Because high efficiency solar panels help to generate more electricity with fewer panels and therefore offer more long-term savings on electricity bill.

Go Power! also offer 20 years of warranties, which I liked also for my peace of mind.

Another thing I liked is their customer service support. The service support staff was nice and professional in answering my questions, and also initiated some of the issues I may encounter.

Go Power Solar Panel Review – Disadvantages

One thing I did not like is that it is not easy for me to install this solar system. This solar panel installation manual is designed with lots of technical diagrams. For someone like me with no ideas on any electricity kind of thing, I wouldn’t be able to install in on my own. I will have to hire someone else or a friend who is able to digest the information in the manual to help me out.

But for someone who is able to manage some basics of electricity knowledge, it may not be a problem at all. Check this solar panel tutorial and see if it helps you to install the solar system.

Go Power Solar Panel Review – Summary

If you are a frequent or occasional outdoor traveler, the Go Power Solar Elite Kit 310W is a must have for you considering all this system can offer you. Go Power is the leader in mobile solar systems in the market with strong reputations for industrial and recreational applications worldwide. You can also apply this system for a perfect back up for your home electricity supply and charge your home appliances to save money on electricity bill. So it is not without reason for this system to be the best seller in Amazon. If you are interested in this product, I suggest you to buy from Amazon directly to enjoy the lowest price. But if you have any other questions on the products, I highly recommend you to contact Go Power directly that can serve you more professionally.