Getting More Power From Your Solar Panels

How To Get More Power From Your Solar Panels?

Solar panels are growing in popularity with each passing year. Solar energy is called “new magic energy” or “green energy” because it is powerful and can be used instead of petrol or electrical energy. Besides this kind of energy is kind to the environment an on comparing it with the energy received from coal, wood or petroleum you get enough energy from the sun without smoke and or pollution.

more power from solar panels
Solar energy used widely at the beginning of the 21st century. Its coming-to-be can be compared with the coming-to-be of petroleum in the last century. In fact at the beginning of the 20th century petroleum wasn’t popular and the government supported that kind of fuel with different programs and subsidies.

Anyone can get incentives if they install the solar panels on the roof or at the ground near his house. So if you have made up your mind to start using solar energy for your business and personal needs then you will get tax credits that will encourage you to harness the energy of the sun.

If you already have solar panel on the rooftop, you should remember several instructions how to get more power from your solar panel. Here they are –

  1. Prepare the necessary instruments in advance before you will examine your solar panel. You must have a garden hose and RV washing brush with extension. Besides you must get the car washing solution and a lot of clean water.
  2. Examine the solar panel carefully. Is it dirty? The solar panel stands in the open area and of course the dust and smog appear on it regularly. If the panel is not clean, it decreases the effectiveness of the device. So your task is to keep the solar panel clean all the time. If your roof is safe and you can easily get access to it, clean your solar panels every 2 months. If it is hard for you to climb the roof, use the garden hose to wash the panel. Sometimes the dirt is too ingrained and you have to use RV washing brush to cope with it. Use the RV washing brush with extension and thus you will clean the solar panel at a far distance. If you notice that you can’t clean the panel with plain water, use mild car washing solution.
  3. Check if there is any shadow around the solar panel. Of course you have fixed under the direct rays of the sun but the trees and bushes around grow and spread from year to year and soon they can cover the panel. So these should be trimmed on a regular basis.
  4. Check the output of the panel regularly. Write the results down and care about the efficiency of the device. Care about the connection between panels. From time to time it can become weaker, so you have to invite an installer to repair it.

Remember that the efficiency of your solar panel depends on you and you can increase it significantly by following certain measures on a regular basis.