DIY Wind Turbines Solar Panels

Wind and solar energy are among the most prominent renewable sources of energy that have gained acceptance in the world today. This is largely because of the environmental degradation associated with repeated and continuous use of fossil fuels. Governments and organizations the world over are encouraging citizens to shift to from conventional energy source to renewable clean energy source. At individual level one can greatly contribute to this global effort by setting up a wind turbine and solar panel.

 To complete this project successfully you need the following items –

For solar panels –

  • Photovoltaic cells
  • Soldering rod and gun
  • Plexiglas/acrylic sheet
  • Tin Wires
  • Silicone caulk
  • Blocking diodes
  • Wood panels.

For wind turbines –

  • Generator motor
  • PVC pipe
  • GI pipes, elbows and coupling
  • Steel tubes and sheet
  • Floor flange
  • Battery

The tools required for the purpose are

  • Hand saw
  • Nails and hammer
  • Drill
  • Sand paper

After gathering the items together follow the instructions below carefully

Wind Turbines –

  1. Decide which among the three options is available when making your wind turbine you can cut from wood, metal or plastic materials depending on what you can get easily. Use of PVC pipe is highly recommended because it is easy to shape and safe to set up.
  2. Cut an eight-inch diameter and forty-inch long pipe into three equal parts. Then cut each of the pipes diagonally along their length using a circular saw for good result. Use the sand paper to smoothen the edges.
  3. Use an arbor to make a hub on which you will attach the plastic turbine by drilling holes around it and fasten them with screws.
  4. Use the GI pipe to construct a stand on which you will mount the wind turbine. Alternatively, you can mount the wind turbine on the roof of your house instead.
  5. Attach the hub on generator motor and connect in turn to the battery.

Solar panel – 

  1. Arrange the solar cells in rows on plywood and connect them with the help of tin wire and the soldering rod.
  2. Attach all the rows to each other by use copper wires in such a way you will be left with two positive and negative wires.
  3. Flip the attached solar cells network, apply silicone caulk on each cell, return to the previous position and hold it firmly on the plywood.
  4. Make a wooden frame, attach it to the solar panel and use Plexiglas to cover the panel.
  5. Drill two holes on the plywood to reroute the positive and negative wires behind the solar panel.
  6. Connect the diode on these wires.
  7. Seal any gap that may have been left along the body work of the panel.
  8. Expose your solar panel to the sunlight and test with the voltmeter to verify if it is working.