Connecting Fuses In Solar Panels

How To Connect The Fuses In Solar Panels?

You might think that solar panels are just laid down or sat on poles and there will not be anything left to do. In order for the solar panels to work properly you will need to connect some wires to a few different items. Each panel will need connected together, then the panels will be connected to a battery, and the battery will have to be connected to the fuse and controller. The process sounds overwhelming and even hard but, there are five simple aspects involved to connect the fuses in solar panels and they are:-

  1. Power cable
  2. Strip
  3. Wrap wire
  4. Copper wire
  5. Battery

When there is electricity being produced all this energy is going to need proper routing so the home, business, or even the RV can make use of the electricity. The whole point behind the solar panels is to save you money on the utilities and help protect the natural fossil fuels.

Following the below instructions will help you connect the fuses in solar panels appropriately:-

  • Looking at the solar panel you will notice a power cable. This cable has to be connected to the port that is located in the control box for the panel.
  • Grab the wire strippers and locate the cable for the controller box. You are going to carefully strip the insulation off the wires. You will only need about an inch of the wire showing.
  • Identify the positive terminal of the fuse. This is going to be the terminal that you will wrap the wire around from the control box that you just stripped the insulation from.
  • Cut 6 inches of copper wire from the copper spool. The opposite end of the fuse is what is known as the negative terminal. You are going to wrap the end of the copper wire carefully around the negative end of the fuse.
  • Pick up your battery and place it by the control box where the fuses are located. You will need it close enough for the copper wire to reach the battery. Looking at the battery look for the negative terminal there is usual a minus sign by the correct terminal. Taking the end of the cooper wire that is still free wrap it carefully around the negative battery terminal. You now know the proper process for connecting the fuses in your solar panels.

Having successfully accomplished the task implies efficient functioning of the solar panels for many years to come which in turn means saving on electricity bills and protecting the planet from pollution.