Connecting Batteries To A Solar Panel

Solar panels are able to produce energy for the home or business by capturing the sunlight during the day. Hence a mandatory requisite for this system to function flawlessly is constant exposure to the sun’s rays for as many hours as possible.

What happens though if a storm is moving in and the sun is hidden behind the gray clouds? It means there is nothing for the panels to capture in order to make the necessary energy you will need. You might even run into this same problem if you are camping and use the panels for your RV or boat. This is why it is very important to know how to connect batteries to a solar panel so you will not be without the electricity you need. Some of the tools which are imperative for accomplishing this task are

  1. Power meter
  2. DC input
  3. Insulation
  4. More power
  5. Charging

Solar panels are capable of doing so much more then just providing power for homes and businesses. There are panels that you can take with you anywhere at anytime. People all over the world are discovering just how useful solar panels are.

Following the below instructions can help you connect batteries to a solar panel appropriately:

  • Grab a power meter for connecting to your battery. Make sure when connecting you are using only the insulated wires on the meter. When wiring things it is very important to match the proper wires or the results might not be what are expected. Looking at the meter find the black wire and carefully connect it to the battery post that is negative. Now locate the red wire and carefully connect the wire to the terminal on the battery that is positive.
  • Screaming will happen if you do not have appropriate insulation for your circuit and this can be achieved by using an insulated wire. Locate the DC input and connect the wire to it.
  • Move the battery in close proximity to the solar panels so you can connect everything easily with the insulated wire.
  • Bring more batteries to add to the first one if you still need more power. Using the insulated wire connect another battery to the first power generator. If you still do not have enough power repeat the process until the panel has enough energy.
  • Place the solar panel directly in the view of the sun. This will help the panel charge the battery or batteries back up. Once the batteries are charged back up carefully remove the battery from the solar panel. You will now be able to take the battery and plug it into any of your appliances with the DC input.