Calculating The Solar Panel Size

Calculate The Solar Panel Size
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How To Calculate The Solar Panel Size?

Setting up a solar panel at home can be confusing because it is necessary to identify the number of solar panels that are required, the watt-hours have to be calculated and the required battery size must be determined. Solar panels are available in a variety of sizes so as to match the varying requirements of a domestic household. Calculation of the size of the solar panel relies on total requisite energy.

Calculating the solar panel size takes a few minutes if the following steps are kept in mind –

  • Determine the daily consumption of electricity.
  • Determine the available sunlight.
  • Determine the array size of the solar panel
  • Determine the size of the battery.

The following instructions help to calculate the solar panel size –

  • Check the electricity bill for the previous year. This bill gives a fairly accurate picture of the energy consumption in one’s home.
  • Divide this number by twelve to get the monthly energy consumption.
  • Check out the average hours of sunlight available per day. This helps to determine the kilowatt size of the solar panels that are needed.
  • Examine the name-plate to find out the power rating mentioned on the appliances that are used the unit of power consumption is given in watts. In case it is given in amperage plus voltage then multiply the two to get the watts.
  • Multiply this number by the total duration in hours the appliances are used actively on a daily basis.
  • Determine the kilowatt capacity of the solar equipment by dividing the mean kilowatt hours by the average available sunlight.
  • Acquire the accurate dimensions of the roof to find out the number of solar panels that are needed. The size would depend on the total number of solar cells that are installed on it. The size varies in accordance with the energy produced by the panels.
  • Calculate the array size for a solar system that supplies power without batteries, by dividing the energy consumption of the day by the number of hours of sunlight available per day. If the system is connected to the grid then majority of the power needs are supplied by the system and the shortfall is made up by the grid.
  • Ensure that the battery is capable of generating power which is five times more than the daily energy consumption needs. With a battery of this capacity the solar panel system is capable of providing power for five continuous days without being recharged even if one is completely dependent on the solar panels for power.
  • Multiply this figure by five followed by dividing the answer with mentioned voltage. The answer is the required rating of the battery size in the unit of amperage hour.