Alternative Energy

Solar energy is the best alternative energy available today. It has several advantages over the rest. Solar energy is renewable, pollution free and is supplied free of charge by the sun. To generate electricity you need solar panels to trap and harness the sun rays and convert them into electric current. The solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells which are made up of silicone wafers.

With basic skills one can make solar cells and solar panels right at home by gathering a number of items.

how to made solar panel

Items needed to make solar cells are as follows:

1. copper flashing sheet

2. Sandpaper

3. Water

4. Electric stove

5. Scissors

6. 1 large clear plastic bottle

7. micro-meter

8. 2 alligator clip leads

Items needed to make solar panels are listed below:

1. Plywood

2. Solar cells

3. UV Protector paint

4. Rosin Flux Pen

5. Soldering gun

6. Tin wire

7. Silicon adhesive

8. Drilling machine

9. Plexiglas


Making solar cells entails the following procedure:

1. Use the sand paper to clean the copper flush.

2. Cut the copper flush into two both should be the sizes of the electric burner.

3. Heat one of the copper sheets till red hot. The oxidation process that takes place helps in formation of cupric oxide.

4. Leave the heated copper plate to slowly cool down, shedding off the black cupric oxide layer. This will leave the cuprous oxide.

5. Clean the now cooled cooper plate to remove the excess cupric oxide.

6. Bend the two cooper sheets in such away they can fit into the plastic bottle.

7. Make a salt solution and pour into the plastic bottle

8. Dip the two folded copper sheets and secure them using the alligator clips. They should be placed in such a way they do not touch each other.

9. Connect the copper sheet to the Micro-meter connecting the burned cooper to the negative terminal and the unburned one to the positive terminal.

10.Place the device out in the sun and check on the reading on the meter.

Now it is time to make solar panels by following these instructions:

1. Cut the ply wood into a size equal the solar panel you wish to make.

2. Connect the solar cells using the tin wire and the solder.

3. Place a drop of silicone caulk on the back of each solar cell and press them firmly on the plywood.

4. Make a wooden frame and place it on the plywood. Affix it using woodscrew.

5. Cut the Plexiglas and cover the panel with it. You can use wood screw to affix it to the panel.

6. Seal any gap that may have been left on the solar panel body work.

The solar panel is now complete and you can place it out in the sun.