50033 15W Sunforce Solar Charging Kit

Solar energy is an inexhaustible supply of energy, which is also freely available whenever the sun shines. It is an excellent renewable energy to power your homes. Unlike nuclear and fossil fuels, solar power systems are clean and pollution-free and they require very little maintenance to operate.

To make you easier to evaluate how well this Sunforce solar kit is doing, I have boiled down to five purchase criteria of selecting a solar panel. These are efficiency, durability, features, value for money and support.

Sunforce Solar Kit Review – Features and Durability

The Sunforce solar kit comes with everything you need to start generating power. It includes one 15-Watt amorphous solar panel (dimension: 38 1/4 x 13 1/2 x ½), a 7-Amp solar charge controller, and a wiring kit with accessories for easy installation.

The Sunforce solar kit is able to charge any 12-Volt battery such as deer feeders and landscaping pumps. This solar kit can power automobiles, recreational vehicles, tractors, all-terrain vehicles, boats, electric fences, telemetry. It can charge motorhome well and works well for gate opener and camper battery.

The efficiency rating of this solar panel is 15%-18%, which is also good to high efficiency. The efficiency rating is lower than monocrystalline, and the price is also much lower than monocrystalline. Amorphous solar panels are created by spraying silicon on to glass in very thin layers, and are commonly known as thin film solar panels.

Sunforce offers 5 years of warranty. Sunforce also warrants the buyer that this product is free from detects in materials and workmanship for one year.

Phone and email customer service support is available and seems to handle the customer issues well, however, occasionally, the issue can be handled not up to expectations.

Sunforce Solar Kit Review – Advantages

This Sunforce solar kit is best suitable for battery maintenance, rather than recharging heavily used camper battery for extended lengths of time such as running lights, radio, heater fans etc. Simply because the output of this solar panel is low. Obviously the output is lower than monocrystalline.

It is indeed a good value for money solar panel with charging accessories came with it.

Sunforce Solar Kit Review Disadvantages

This Sunforce solar kit can occasionally not upkeep for working well after months or a year or two. It can happen especially if you use it to charge battery or devices for extended lengths of time. Though it does not apply to all cases, the quality control of this solar charging kits does require some improvement to keep high consistency of performance across all units.

This amorphous solar panel is not as good looking and robust as monocrystalline.

Sunforce Solar Kit Review – Summary

This Sunforce solar kit is a good buy if you accept the way it looks, and is larger and more fragile than a monocrystalline. If you cannot accept that, you can check out Top 10 Solar Panels for the Instapark 10W Monocrystalline Solar Panel with 12V Solar Charge Controller.

However, at this incredibly low price, this solar panel has paid for itself so easily even you get a better charge controller. You will be pleased with this bargain if you also apply this Sunforce solar kit correctly to connect devices which require low output.