50022 5W Sunforce Solar Battery Charger

Solar energy is an excellent choice of renewable energy to power your electrical appliances, for any outdoor or remote use, because it is freely available and never gets exhausted. Many solar energy kits are maintenance free and very easy to install. It is a necessity tool to charge your battery when you are miles away from the areas with electricity supply. So why not take advantage of this free energy by having a solar battery charger.

To make you easier to evaluate how well the Sunforce solar battery charger is doing, I have boiled down to five purchase criteria of selecting a solar battery charger. These are efficiency, durability, features, value for money and support.

50022 5W Sunforce Solar Charger – Features and Durability

This solar battery comes with 13.1”L x 14”W x 0.75”H amorphous solar panel, 4 pre-cut holes for easy permanent installation, 4 stainless steel screws, 9.5 ft wire, 12V DC plug, battery clamps and Quick Connect technology.

50022 5W Sunforce solar battery charger is designed to stave off the natural voltage drain that 12 Volt batteries undergo over time. It can also maintain the charge of a 12 Volt battery while it is providing energy to small electronics like cell phone chargers or small pimps and motors. This solar battery charger is made with durable ABC plastic and features amorphous solar cells and an ultra bright blue LED charging indicator. It is weatherproof and remains effective even on cloudy days. The built-in overcharge/discharge protection prevents overcharging and reverse-current drain.

This 50022 5W Sunforce solar battery charger is an ideal choice for automobiles, recreational vehicles, all terrain vehicles, tractors, boats, fence battery and more. It is easy to install and maintenance free.

This Sunforce solar battery charger can withstand bone-chilling temperatures of 40 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, which is standard in the industry. It can hold out against hot weather up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit

This 50022 5W Sunforce solar battery charger is designed to maintain an existing battery charge, and not to fully recharge a battery. It can remain connected to a vehicle battery at all times and will not adversely affect its operation or electrical components.

The efficiency rating of 50022 5W solar battery is 15%-18%, which is also good to high efficiency. The efficiency rating is lower than monocrystalline, and the great advantage of amorphous solar panel is the lower cost of production. It is often used by many manufacturers. It can be very durable with stable power output at high temperatures.

Sunforce offers 5 years of warranty and warrants the buyer that this product is free from detects in materials and workmanship for one year.

Phone and email customer service support is available and seems to handle the customer issues well, however, occasionally, the issue can be handled not up to expectations.

Sunforce Solar Charger Review – Advantages

This Sunforce solar battery charger not only is so perfect for keeping mobile home powered when parked or any campsites with no electricity, but also is an excellent tool for seldom used vehicles and those who have their cars idle for a period of time, e.g. taking long trips away. It just saves you time and money to boost your car and turn your car’s engine on again due to battery drain. To keep your car battery charged while leaving your car idle, simply the unit plugs directly into your cigarette lighter, lay the solar panel side face up on your dashboard.

During the winter time, it is the best thing you can have to reduce any chances of not able to start your car’s battery.

Sunforce Solar Charger Review – Disadvantages

The only minor issue with this solar battery charger is that it used up the cigarette lighter while you are charging using the solar panel. So if adapter cable is provided for device such as tablet or cell phone, this issue will be solved. But since the manufacturer does not suggest you to keep placing the solar charger while you are driving your car, unless the solar charger is permanently mounted.

The solar battery charger does not have the blue LED to show the charging status of the battery, but for some people, simple is best, less is more.

Sunforce Solar Charger Review – Summary

This Sunforce solar battery charger is a Must Have tool for anyone who has a car, recreational vehicles, boats, tractors or any kinds of vehicles to keep a charged battery charged, but keep in mind that it is not supposed to fully recharge a battery.

There is no need for charge controller or any other products. Remember to unhook the panel and store in a safe place while driving. You don’t have to be solar tech. It works for everyone, including your old moms and dad.

It is without doubt a hot buy in the market to keep the battery charged. With the low price you pay, it is just great value for money. This Sunforce solar battery charger a battery saver and has paid for itself so easily when you save your battery.  It gives you peace of mind while your vehicles may sit for some period of time.