37126 260W Sunforce Solar Kit

Solar energy is the most popular renewable energy alternative for many families in US. With federal, state and local government incentives, reducing cost of solar panels due to volume production and higher efficiency, going solar is cheaper and easier than ever before!

It is ideal to find professional installers to help you install solar system in your homes, however, to lower the cost, many households in US choose to make their own solar panels system at homes. Many users are happy with DIY solar panels performance and said they really helped to save money and to have return on investment in only few years.

37126 260W Sunforce Solar Kit

Among many Do It Yourself solar panels products in the market, Sunforce is the one of the top sellers in the best solar panels list.

To help you understand how to access how the solar panels are performing to the requirements of most users, we boils down five criteria for making a decision in buying solar panels, that is efficiency, durability, features, value for money and support.

Let’s take a look at how well the 37126 260W Sunforce Solar Kit is doing on these five criteria.

37126 260W Sunforce Solar Kit Review – Features and Durability

This Sunforce Solar Kit comes with 2 x 130 watt high efficiency weatherproof crystalline solar panels, 30 A digital charger controller, 200W inverter, wiring, bracklets, screws, and a voltage tester.

The 37126 260W sunforce solar panel efficiency rating is 18% to 20%, which is the highest among all best selling solar panels. This rating is higher than many other solar panel brands like Sanyo, Kyocera, SunPower, Canadian Power, Suntech Power, Samsung, Grape Solar, Canadian Solar or Sharp.

The components in the features are comprehensive except those who may need to charge appliances at homes, they need to buy deep cycle marine batteries which can withstand the frequent charge and discharge cycles with solar panel use. Bear in mind that you may buy some other parts and components to fit your own environment needs.

This 37126 260W Sunforce Solar Kit is made of polycrystalline. Sunforce offers 25 years warranties which are good in terms of durability. The panels are able to charge 12 Volts batteries, which is ideal for use in both residential homes, boats, TVs, and back up as well as remote locations with sunlight. It works well to charge any home appliances when deep cycle marine batteries are equipped with.

The panels have aluminum frames, which are perfect for remote areas and outdoor use. They are completely weatherproof, so the system can withstand any severe weather.

This Sunforce Solar (model 37126 260W) is designed to provide energy for larger homes, you can expand the number of panels to accommodate for your energy needs.

This Solar panel 37126 is designed for maintenance free and easy to install. This is what the mission of Sunforce is about, to offer DIY solar kits that any consumers can build on their own without the need of electricians or contractors.

37126 260W Sunforce Solar Kit Review – Advantages

The best part of this 37126 260W Sunforce Solar Kit is that comprehensive features the kit comes with at this affordable price. It is truly a scalable system, which means more panels can be bought for more power need. It is better to start with one kit first and gradually build more if you feel comfortable with it.

The second advantage of this 37126 260W Sunforce Solar Kit is giving you peace of mind because of the 25 years of warranties and the durability of product design.

I also liked the high efficiency rating of this Sunforce Solar Kit because the higher the efficiency rating, the more electricity can be generated with fewer panels. It means more savings on the electricity bill.

37126 260W Sunforce Solar Kit – Disadvantages

No system is perfect. So does this kit. It does require you to carefully read the instructions and learn to install the system by yourself.

But there is nothing better than feeling the triumph of making it done, cutting your electricity bills, saving money and going green. With all those good things in mind, you can be more patient to get it work for you.

37126 260W Sunforce Solar Kit – Summary

Though the service support and installation guide may sometimes be less than satisfactory for someone, this 37126 260W Sunforce Solar Kit offers superior value for money complete system in the market as compared with most other similar solar kits in the market. No wonder it is a hot seller in solar kit category. If you choose to buy from Amazon, the excellent Amazon after-sales service should compensate some level of inadequacy of the manufacturer service. A little more incentive offered by Amazon is free shipping.