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If you are looking for a solar installation in San Diego for your home or business to get huge savings in your electric bill … you are in the right place.


San Diego County  is a great location for solar energy, with abundant sunshine, clear blue skies nearly year-round and a prevailing political climate that supports solar power and other environmentally-friendly initiatives.

San Diego has twice been ranked as the solar capital of the United States, in 2009 and again in 2012. There are more roof tops with solar panels in San Diego than any other city in the United States.


In fact, if San Diego was its own country, it would rank in the top 25 of all nations in terms of solar capacity. For example, the city generates more solar power than the entire country of Mexico.


Here you will find the best options for solar companies in San Diego CA.



Top solar companies in San Diego, CA


The process of finding the best solar company for you can feel overwhelming, particularly in a solar-loving state like California. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), California has over 1,000 companies that install solar panels, and you’ve probably encountered a few of them even before you started researching solar.


The solar company you choose is only one factor in your solar decision-making process, but it will have a significant impact on your overall experience. Installing solar panels in San Diego is an investment in your home that can be worth tens of thousands of dollars. Your solar installer should be a trusted advisor who can give you helpful, unbiased information and never try to pressure you into making a rushed decision.


The best solar company for your home or business depends on your preference. Some solar shoppers will prefer a big installer who has a large network and can provide an off-the-shelf solution with minimal input. If you prefer a large installer, Sullivan Solar Power and Stellar Solar are popular in the San Diego area. You can also find SolarCity in San Diego, although they primarily offer leases and PPAs.


If you prefer to be more involved in your solar installation and want the customized attention that a small business can offer, there are also plenty of smaller local installers in the San Diego solar market. SolarIcon, GR8 Energy, SolarMax Technology, and SuperGreen Solutions all operate in the San Diego area and have at least a four-star average rating on EnergySage. If you’re interested in buying solar panels in San Diego, you can easily get competing quotes from these companies at no cost by signing up on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace.


Below you will find a list of the best providers of solar panels in San Diego and close by areas.